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Kelly Bohling

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Short Warre hive

Our Warre hive with two boxes, strapped down to keep a strong wind from blowing it over.

Hive with observation window open.

Our Warre boxes came with plexiglass observation windows, which are very handy for keeping an eye on the bees without being invasive. We got ours on Etsy from the Buzzing Rooster Shop

Hive with observation window closed.

We found this paw print after the first night the hive was set up. It received the stamp of approval from the local raccoon magistrate.

Tall Warre hive

Here's our Warre hive with three boxes installed. The container on the ground is our newly-ordered box of bees! After installing the queen inside the hive, we prop the open box up against the hive opening, and wait for rest of the bees to move in.

Bees building comb

The bees lost no time building new comb, which is bright white here in the picture. In the first season, this colony filled three boxes!

Bees building comb close up

Honey in jars

We took a small harvest in spring 2021. The honey was delicious! It has a cloudy appearance here because we used the crush and strain method.

Making beeswax in a jar

This photo shows the process of rendering beeswax from the crushed comb. The wax here is cooling and appears yellow on top of the boiled water below it. Once cooled, the wax can be removed, reheated, and filtered once again before ready to store or use.

Bee on flower

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