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Kelly Bohling

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Fish Pond

Just a hole in the ground.

Digging the hole for our 18" pond insert.

Filling the pond with water.

Filling with water!

Filling the pond, distant view.

We mounded the dirt that we took out of the hole to create a gradient all the way around.

Rock skirt around the pond.

Then we covered the perimeter with landscape fabric to deter weeds, and poured a layer of river rock over the top.

The area around the pond.

Next, we added field stone to cover the insert rim as much as we could to make it look more natural.

The pond full.

We got a dozen feeder goldfish from our local pet store and they are seen here acclimating in their bag.

Another shot of the pond full.

We bought a water lily and a corkscrew aquatic grass from our local pond shop to give the fish some cover. We also now have hornwort, which helps to balance algae growth, and water hyacinths.

Yet another shot of the pond full.

The pond and the bench.

The goldfish pond became my favorite place to sit with a cup of tea.

View of the pond looking north.

The view from the bench is such a serene place to look at the gardens, and watch all the birds.

The pond at night.

We found this solar-powered garden stake and love how it looks reflected on the pond in the evenings.

The pond at night, close up.

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