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Kelly Bohling

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Garden Bench

Pond with bench before painting.

We scored this garden bench at a garage sale for $15.

Bench dismantled.

It had several layers of old paint. The wood needed to be stripped, primed, and re-painted.

Bench frame.

The frame was cast iron and in good shape. It just needed to be primed and painted with a black enamel.

Bench slats.

The wooden slats were also in good condition and the old paint came off relatively easily.

In progress picture 1

Here's the bench sporting a brand new coat of black enamel paint on the frame and blue exterior house paint on the slats. As we were still in lockdown, this is what we had on hand, which worked out great in the end.

In progress picture 2

Getting ready to put the details of Starry Night on the bench!

Finished bench 1

After painting.

Finished bench 2

Finished bench 3

After several coats of clear sealer to help prevent fading and weather damage, the bench is all ready to hang out by the pond!

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