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Kelly Bohling


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Since 2019, I have had the privilege of writing articles for Mother Earth News, Community Chickens, and Heirloom Gardener. Topics span from homegrown cotton, to Japanese quail history and husbandry, to quail egg culinaria.

Fiber Arts and Gardening

How to Spin Homegrown Cotton

How to process and spin garden-grown cotton


Small-Scale Backyard Quail

A general overview of keeping quail in an urban setting, including housing, food and water needs, incubation, and using quail eggs.

Getting the Most From Quail Eggs

How to process and use quail eggs.

Housing Coturnix Quail

Housing considerations for quail.

History of Keeping Japanese Quail

Exploring the ancient origins of Japanese quail in domesticity.

Making Salt-Cured Quail Egg Yolks

How to salt-cure your quail egg yolks - a delightful addition to any meal!

Build Your Own Quail Brooder

Plans for building your own quail brooder.

Incubating Conturnix Quail Eggs

Diving into the details of incubating quail eggs.

Quail Egg Breakfast Recipes

From simple to sumptuous: how to prepare quail eggs for breakfast.

Quail Egg Dessert Recipes

Pies, puddings, brownies and more!

Caring for Quail (Podcast)

I chat with Mother Earth News editor Jessica Mitchell about everything quail!

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