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Kelly Bohling

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Quail Coop

Chris sawing a board for a post.

Cutting up the materials to get started framing.

Our materials.

Frame close-up.

Assembling the skeleton of the coop.

Frame side.

As this project happened during the initial lockdown, we had to make do with the materials on hand. For the flooring, we used the floors of old bunny cages.

Frame in place.

We had removed a large number of bricks to make room for raised beds, so we re-purposed some of these for a floor. This would deter pests from digging underneath.

Frame in place from the side.

The calculations for the roof required math that neither of us had used in quite some time! It wasn't perfect but turned out okay in the end.

Back unpainted.

Back side view.

Front unpainted.

We wanted to include multiple possible configurations of windows and doors for ventilation and access. Down below, the doors open for cleaning out droppings.

Side unpainted.

Side views showing the triangle windows for cross-ventilation.

Side unpainted.

Painted with doors open.

First coat of Rustoleum oil-based enamel paint.

Front painted close-up.

I added flower details for a cheery disposition. The coop would provide its own botanical element.

Front painted.

Corner painted.

Side painted.

Celedon quail eggs.

Our celedon quail have rewarded us with countless beautiful eggs for our efforts!

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