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Kelly Bohling

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Angora Rabbits

Fiona looking ornery.

Meet Fiona! She is a chocolate satin Angora.

Mugshot of Fiona the rabbit.

Fiona wants to know if you have any sunflower seeds on you! (She is a treat fiend.)

Flossie the rabbit having a bad hair day.

Flossie is a lilac Angora. We're not sure exactly what her breed is, as she came to us from a rescue situation. The staple length of her coat is the longest of all four of our rabbits.

Hector the rabbit looking majestic.

Hector is our oldest rabbit. He is a red-eyed white French Angora. He is affectionately known as our "gentle giant."

Hilda the rabbit looking regal.

Hilda is a black French Angora. She loves to make confetti out of any and all toys.

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