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Kelly Bohling

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Stash Bust Blanket

Yarn on Kniddy Knoddy.

I set out to knit a stash bust blanket to use up a mountain of spinning fiber odds and ends. I handspun all the yarn I used in this blanket. I aimed to do a somewhat rainbow gradient, just working with what I had.

Wound yarn.

Yarn and Mimi.

Thankfully, feline support was not in short supply.

Blanket halfway done.

Yarn on Kniddy Knoddy.

Wound yarn.

Half of blanket.

Floria on blanket.

Passes feline comfort test.

Skein of blue-grey yarn.

Mimi on blanket.

Yarn on bobbin.

More spinning!

Yarn on Kniddy Knoddy

Blanket on rug.

Over halfway.

Musetta on blanket.

Snooze test: pass

Mimi on blanket.

Cuddle test: pass

Mimi on blanket.

Snuggle with a buddy: pass

Musetta and Floria on blanket.

Multiple feline usage: fail. Needs to be bigger.

Mimi on blanket.

I know these are mostly cat pictures...

MImi on blanket.

Just one more

Musetta on blanket.

It's finished!

Blanket on deck.

It ended up measuring about five feet to a side.

Blanket on deck.

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